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France-Vanoise and Chamonix

  Print version France-Vanoise and Chamonix (Paperback 68 Pages) eBook version France-Vanoise and Chamonix   (xxmb) Sign up to Download Free pdf  France-Vanoise and Chamonix   (8.8mb) This trip in the early summer of 1994, like other trips we made to the Alps, is a tale of two parts. First we circumnavigated the Vanoise National Park. […]

Corsica – Mare a Mare Nord

Print Version Corsica: Mare a Mare Nord  (Paperback 88 Pages) eBook Version Corsica: Mare a Mare Nord  (6.2 mb, any ePub reader) Sign Up to Download Free pdf Corsica  (5.9mb) The Mare a Mare Nord traverses Corsica from sea to sea. It’s nearly 100 miles long (152km), involves nearly 7000 metres of ascent and descent and took […]

Offa’s Dyke – in the time of Covid

Print Version Offa’s Dyke: in the Time of Covid (Paperback 108 Pages) eBook Version Offa’s Dyke: in the Time of Covid (7.2 mb, any ePub reader) Sign Up to Download Free pdf Offa’s Dyke (7mb) An account of walking Offa’s Dyke in the time of Covid 2022 Offa’s Dyke runs along the border between England and Wales. I […]

New Zealand – Long White Cloud

Print Version New Zealand: Long White Cloud (Paperback 56 Pages) eBook Version New Zealand: Long White Cloud (3.8mb, any ePub reader) Sign Up to Download New Zealand (3.4mb) Because of its remoteness, New Zealand was one of the last places to be settled by humans who arrived only 7-800 years ago from Polynesia and founded what today is a […]

Iceland – Laugavegur Trail

Print Version Iceland: Laugavegur Trail (Paperback 40 Pages) eBook version Iceland: Laugavegur Trail  Please Register to Download Free pdf  Iceland (2m The Laugavegur is one of the big walks. It is the most famous trek in Iceland and crosses harsh and spectacularly beautiful other worldly landscapes formed by recent volcanos and earthquakes. The way I did it, from north […]

Corsica GR20

Print Version Corsica GR20: Toughest Walk in Europe (Paperback 76 Pages) eBook Version Corsica GR20: Toughest Walk in Europe (22.0mb, any ePub reader) Please Register to Download Corsica (3.5mb) The Corsica GR20 is one of the great walks of Europe, comparable in length to the Tour of Mont Blanc and similar in quality to the Cuillen Ridge on Skye, which […]

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