Autana – Eye of the Gods

Print Version Autana: Eye of the Gods (Paperback 34 Pages) eBook Version Autana: Eye of the Gods (1.8mb, any ePub reader) Please Register to Download Autana  (2.7mb) First ascent El Autana is a sandstone tepuy or butte about 400 miles south of Caracas in the Amazon Territory of Venezuela.  The first ascent of the Autana was in 1974 by two English, Stephen […]

Ilu Tepuy Venezuela

Print Version Venezuela: Climbing Ilu Tepuy (Paperback 72 Pages) eBook Version Venezuela: Climbing Ilu Tepuy (3.1mb, any ePub reader) Please Register to Download Venezuela  (5.1mb) About Ilu Tepuy Ilu Tepuy is a sandstone ‘tepui’ 2,700 metres high in the Gran Sabana of Venezuela north west of Roraima.  (On the left in the panorama.) Scharlie, my wife, and I climbed it on 23 […]