Ecuador – Climbing Volcanos

Print Version Ecuador: Climbing Volcanos (Paperback 54 Pages) eBook Version Ecuador: Climbing Volcanos (24.0mb, any ePub reader) Please Register to Download Ecuador (4.6 mb) We went to Ecuador to visit our daughter Frances, who was there as part of her degree, and to climb volcanos. In Quito we stayed with Ecuadorian friends who introduced us to Ecuadorian culinary delights such as calf’s foot soup […]

Aconcagua – Stone Sentinel

Print Version Aconcagua: Stone Sentinel (Paperback 44 Pages) eBook Version Aconcagua: Stone Sentinel (3.9mb, any ePub reader) Please Register to Download pdf Aconcagua (4.8mb) Aconcagua at nearly 7,000 metres is the highest mountain outside Asia From the south it is a hard, dangerous climb. From the north, given good weather, it is relatively easy. In my twenties I read a book about three Polish climbers […]